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up and joined White Dog and the chief and the
scout, leaving us youngsters back with the women.
Soon we heard a lot of firing., and we knew that
there was a fight.

When our men came back they told us that
they had ambuscaded a party of forty Crows who
had evidently been out looking for us. The
Crows were struck with bewilderment when our
fire hit them; they stood still and could not tell
where it was coming from until half of them had
been hit* Then, realizing that they were hope-
lessly at the mercy of a superior force, they
crawled to the river-bank and disappeared over
its edge into the darkness of the night that had
already overtaken us. When our men started to
follow them, our chief said: 'No, let them go back
to the Crows and tell them what happened to their
party, that they may be taught that we cannot be

White Dog, the medicine-man, went out on to
the field and pulled in four dead Crows and
stretched them in a line on the ground in front of
us. Then he started to sing one of his medicine
songs over them. And while he was singing he
said that there were going to be four shots, and on
the fourth shot we were all to turn to the right-
about and start for home. We did that, and
before we had gone a hundred yards a big bliz-
zard broke down upon us. We rushed back to